Rust Server Major Updates & Improvements!

Today I decided to really put some work into our Rust server since it has so far been our most successful server based on active players. After 11 hours of straight work, the end result is outstanding. I added Lock-On Rockets and Plane Crashes to the server, This allows for an alternative to just airdrops to get some awesome loot but since this method drops 3 supply drops you must fight off a few scientists before you can claim your prize. To get a Lock-On Rocket you can either find them in loot or craft one by having 1x rocket and 3x Tech trash and typing “/craft.lockon” in chat I also added cars to the map adding a method of getting around the map besides just by a horse. speaking of, I also made horses much easier to tame via “/stophorse”. Before it was near impossible to do this unless the horse was stuck of a rock or something. Now if you get just close enough to enter the command before it runs away you should be able to tame your new ride! The gather rates are finally fixed properly and everything should be balanced out to make the game fun. But besides all this, the greatest changes were put into the loot tables. I completely started from scratch and created a new loot table consisting of 3,600 lines (lol). This new loot table is fully updated with all the new items rust has released and I plan to keep it updated as they release new items. This new loot system is truly great and makes the server much more enjoyable.


New Website And New Server!

Hello, Today we have some great news for the community. Let’s start off with the obvious changes which is the website. It has had a major overhaul and has been rebuilt from scratch. We thought that our old website was too cluttered and un-appealing so this time we have tried to make it simple, clean and user-friendly. We also added the option for you to log in using your Steam or Twitch profiles. This makes registering on our site much easier for new community members. We also found a much better solution for showing our servers on our website which I highly suggest you go check out. You can now view all of our servers, Join our servers and see a lot of valuable server information such as online status, current players and more! We are pretty excited about this feature as we have been wanting to do this for a long time now but did not have the time to execute the idea.

We have also added a new server to our collection that we have worked on for some time now and has been a learning experience. We’re happy to announce that Rusted Gaming now hosts ArmA III Servers. Last week we released our brand new server which was announced on our twitter. The server we have created is basically a flight simulator game mode for ArmA. You can spawn in one of our seven airports including an aircraft carrier and choose from over 150 jets and helicopters. after that, you can enjoy the beautiful world of Altis and just have fun. There will be a video above that you can check out for a better idea of what exactly the server is since this type of server is new to ArmA.

Also, you can expect more news updates and no more monthly news updates. I feel like it would be better to make more frequent and shorter updates than long monthly updates so that you guys are up to date when things happen sooner and not a month later.


Hope you enjoyed the updates and additions and feel free to give us some feedback below, Thanks!

Monthly Update [4/25/18] Server Reset & New Servers!

This month we have decided to erase everything we had or were working on and remove it, We felt as if Rusted gaming needed a fresh start after working on the same servers for 2 years things can get a little cluttered up and we decided to do a complete reset of our servers. As of 4/25/18 we have our Rust server and our Sandbox server back up and running. We are currently working on a DarkRP server as well as setting up a soon to come Discord server. We have big plans and ideas for our community as soon as things start kicking off but the work comes first. we hope you guys are excited about the future of Rusted gaming as much as we are and are enjoying being a part of our community.

Also, we are looking for staff that is willing to put the time and effort in to help make this community great. This does not mean just to moderate servers but to also come up with suggestions, help develop and be involved in the projects.

Community Update [11/18/17] No More Garry’s Mod

Hello and welcome to this months update, We have some news that for some of you may be a little saddening but we hope for most these updates will be great news to you! So to get started, We have decided to completely drop the “Garry’s Mod project” due to the failure in server population and the community not showing support or interest in the servers. Because we dropped this project it has opened up tons of time to further our progress on our rust servers. So we have added three additional Rust servers which are all different in their own way. We are still hosting our original levels server along with a full vanilla server a 3x rate server and a 5x server totaling four different servers! A timeline system will be added to the site very soon similar to how Facepunch publishes their updates and notes. This will allow us to post all small fixes and tweaks in one place! These changelogs will be wiped monthly for now until we can find a better system that can store our logs per month in another tab.


Our rust server has had many updates, too many to list here in fact so we are just going to post the major updates today. This is why the timeline system is going to help a lot with keeping you up to date with what we are doing! We have done some tweaking to our gather rates on our levels server to make the server slightly more challenging by reducing the starting rate a bit and we dramatically reduced the rate for all skinning of animals to bring the struggle up for keeping your character fat and full. We also increased the amount of ore you get from pickups to 482 per entity but reduced hemp, corn and so on to vanilla rates to bring the need to farm back into the game. These changes should overall add a better experience to our servers and the game. We have also changed our hostname layout for our servers to be more descriptive and eye-catching, You can now better find our servers listed like this example “[US] Rusted Gaming [5x] Clans|Cars|Kits|Tp – Wiped 11/16” We believe this is a much cleaner and professional approach. We have also changed back our servers to the Dallas Texas location which will give our players a much better overall ping from the west coast to east coast as we used to be located in a New York location. This move was also a major upgrade and we are easily capable of adding more servers or slots as the existing servers grow. We have also completely fixed the loot issue of hemp, glue, sticks and such items from spawning in barrels and containers and we have spent a couple of hours tweaking the loot system to perfection making it a nice fair balance!


This is all the updates that we are going to put in this newsletter but there is much more that could be listed. We hope you enjoyed these updates and please leave some feedback below to let us know what you think! we thank you for being a part of rusted gaming and hope you have a great Sunday!

Weekly News 10/16/17 New Servers Coming Soon!

Hello and welcome to this week’s updates! To start off I would like to say that we are no longer doing weekly updates for now and instead we are doing monthly updates. This is due to our Rust and Garry’s Mod servers coming very near completion and we are no longer having to add enough content for a weekly update to be necessary. Now, lets start this update off talking about our rust server. Rust had a missive update 10/12/17 that brought blueprints back and made the overall gameplay experience more difficult. This change forced us to completely re-do the loot system to adapt to rust’s new economy. Today we are still working out small bugs with the loot but so far it is looking very well and balanced.

The rust server also had a few other changes made to it, You can now shoot down regular airdrop planes using the lock-on rockets and watch it crash then go get the loot it drops. Also, we have implemented a much better spawn system that has roughly 1,200 spawn points on the map and you will NOT spawn inside of another players base. This helps a lot with players being able to spawn inside a players base and have an extremely easy raid. Another thing that was added that we are extremely excited about is CARS! The server now has fully working cars that you can find in random locations around the map. You can store items in the cars, carry up to 4 passengers and
it has working headlights. The cars also require low-quality fuel to function but most cars you find may have a little fuel already in them.

As for our Garry’s Mod servers, they have just been fined tuned and touched up over the past few weeks to overall improve the server. We added a few new jobs including Fire Fighter and Pyro and much more cool features!

And now for the icing on the cake. I and another game server developer have been working extremely hard the last week to make a new addition to the Rusted gaming server list. We have been working on a GTAV FiveM server that we expect to dominate compared to the others. We have decided not to release too much information on the server yet but expect big things!

Weekly Update 9/7/17

Hello everyone and this week we definitely have some exciting news for you guys. To start off the rust server was wiped thursday 8/31/17 (thursday) at around 6pm which allowed us to add in the Bradley tank to the launch pad. We are very impressed with the modeling and method rust implemented this feature and are happy to add it to our server. We also added the ability to get lock-on rockets (Smoke Rockets WIP!!!!) to the vote rewards system. We had to make it this way due to the mod using the “Smoke Rockets WIP!!!!” model and entity name and because this model is not actually added to the game we cannot get it to spawn in barrels. So we added them to the vote rewards system so that you get one every time you vote for the server. These rockets are used to shoot down the cargo planes that are spawned about every hour.

Next on our update list is about our Garry’s mod servers. Most of our time in the last 2 weeks has been applied to the Garry’s mod servers and tons of progress has been made. We got the Cinema server fully released and it is pretty amazing and very fun to watch some videos with your friends. We also got our sandbox server released to the public, This server needs some minor touch up work and pointshop needs to be setup but both of these issues are minor and will be fixed very soon.

Last but not least we have the jewel of our Garry’s mod servers. The DarkRP server has been a steady project for us and we are taking zero shortcuts and are especially paying attention to detail when it comes to this server. it is about 85% ready for a full public release but due to these type of servers having so many different kinds of small bugs we are asking for your help! The server is at this point open for BETA testing, so you can join our server and try it out early just let us know of any bugs or issues you encounter while playing. the password will be available below. The best part is ANY money or vehicles you acquire while beta testing you get to keep when the server is released!

We hope you enjoy all the great news we have brought to you this week and hope to see you on our servers! thanks for playing.

How to beta test our DarkRP server:

open gmod console in main menu

Enter this: “connect beta”

You are now connecting

Note: please report all DarkRP issues on the “DarkRP BETA Testing Bugs” discussion under the “Report a Bug!” category.

Weekly update 8-19-17

This week lots has changed with our rust server and lots more is in progress,

I have spent hours perfecting the loot you get out of barrels and crates along with supply drops. So far the loot system looks like perfection.

We have also removed a couple features to improve performance and added a few features to make up for this loss. Meteor strikes are removed along with Airstrikes due to the plugins causing lag even after the event was over. Airstrikes will return someday as a better version of the plugin.

As I said we did add a couple features so let’s get into that! First off I added an admin menu, this may seem like it has nothing to do with you but this allows our staff to handle situations faster and more accurately. I also added a feature that fly’s a low flying airplane across the map and if shot with a rocket the plane will crash to the ground and drop multiple drops and crates. The other feature I added was lock-on rockets, This was mostly added due to the airplanes were nearly impossible to shoot down with a normal rocket. These rockets appear with the name “Smoke Rocket WIP!!!!” Ignore the name though as these are actually lock-on rockets. when loaded into a rocket launcher you will be prompted with a chat message confirming that you just loaded a lock-on rocket. You can find these rockets in crates and supply drops but they are pretty rare.

We really hope you like the updates for this week and hope to see you on the server very soon, we thank you for being a part of rusted gaming and helping us become the great community that we are. Thanks!