Hello everyone and this week we definitely have some exciting news for you guys. To start off the rust server was wiped thursday 8/31/17 (thursday) at around 6pm which allowed us to add in the Bradley tank to the launch pad. We are very impressed with the modeling and method rust implemented this feature and are happy to add it to our server. We also added the ability to get lock-on rockets (Smoke Rockets WIP!!!!) to the vote rewards system. We had to make it this way due to the mod using the “Smoke Rockets WIP!!!!” model and entity name and because this model is not actually added to the game we cannot get it to spawn in barrels. So we added them to the vote rewards system so that you get one every time you vote for the server. These rockets are used to shoot down the cargo planes that are spawned about every hour.

Next on our update list is about our Garry’s mod servers. Most of our time in the last 2 weeks has been applied to the Garry’s mod servers and tons of progress has been made. We got the Cinema server fully released and it is pretty amazing and very fun to watch some videos with your friends. We also got our sandbox server released to the public, This server needs some minor touch up work and pointshop needs to be setup but both of these issues are minor and will be fixed very soon.

Last but not least we have the jewel of our Garry’s mod servers. The DarkRP server has been a steady project for us and we are taking zero shortcuts and are especially paying attention to detail when it comes to this server. it is about 85% ready for a full public release but due to these type of servers having so many different kinds of small bugs we are asking for your help! The server is at this point open for BETA testing, so you can join our server and try it out early just let us know of any bugs or issues you encounter while playing. the password will be available below. The best part is ANY money or vehicles you acquire while beta testing you get to keep when the server is released!

We hope you enjoy all the great news we have brought to you this week and hope to see you on our servers! thanks for playing.

How to beta test our DarkRP server:

open gmod console in main menu

Enter this: “connect darkrp.rustedgaming.com:27015 beta”

You are now connecting

Note: please report all DarkRP issues on the “DarkRP BETA Testing Bugs” discussion under the “Report a Bug!” category.