This week lots has changed with our rust server and lots more is in progress,

I have spent hours perfecting the loot you get out of barrels and crates along with supply drops. So far the loot system looks like perfection.

We have also removed a couple features to improve performance and added a few features to make up for this loss. Meteor strikes are removed along with Airstrikes due to the plugins causing lag even after the event was over. Airstrikes will return someday as a better version of the plugin.

As I said we did add a couple features so let’s get into that! First off I added an admin menu, this may seem like it has nothing to do with you but this allows our staff to handle situations faster and more accurately. I also added a feature that fly’s a low flying airplane across the map and if shot with a rocket the plane will crash to the ground and drop multiple drops and crates. The other feature I added was lock-on rockets, This was mostly added due to the airplanes were nearly impossible to shoot down with a normal rocket. These rockets appear with the name “Smoke Rocket WIP!!!!” Ignore the name though as these are actually lock-on rockets. when loaded into a rocket launcher you will be prompted with a chat message confirming that you just loaded a lock-on rocket. You can find these rockets in crates and supply drops but they are pretty rare.

We really hope you like the updates for this week and hope to see you on the server very soon, we thank you for being a part of rusted gaming and helping us become the great community that we are. Thanks!