Hello and welcome to this week’s updates! To start off I would like to say that we are no longer doing weekly updates for now and instead we are doing monthly updates. This is due to our Rust and Garry’s Mod servers coming very near completion and we are no longer having to add enough content for a weekly update to be necessary. Now, lets start this update off talking about our rust server. Rust had a missive update 10/12/17 that brought blueprints back and made the overall gameplay experience more difficult. This change forced us to completely re-do the loot system to adapt to rust’s new economy. Today we are still working out small bugs with the loot but so far it is looking very well and balanced.

The rust server also had a few other changes made to it, You can now shoot down regular airdrop planes using the lock-on rockets and watch it crash then go get the loot it drops. Also, we have implemented a much better spawn system that has roughly 1,200 spawn points on the map and you will NOT spawn inside of another players base. This helps a lot with players being able to spawn inside a players base and have an extremely easy raid. Another thing that was added that we are extremely excited about is CARS! The server now has fully working cars that you can find in random locations around the map. You can store items in the cars, carry up to 4 passengers and
it has working headlights. The cars also require low-quality fuel to function but most cars you find may have a little fuel already in them.

As for our Garry’s Mod servers, they have just been fined tuned and touched up over the past few weeks to overall improve the server. We added a few new jobs including Fire Fighter and Pyro and much more cool features!

And now for the icing on the cake. I and another game server developer have been working extremely hard the last week to make a new addition to the Rusted gaming server list. We have been working on a GTAV FiveM server that we expect to dominate compared to the others. We have decided not to release too much information on the server yet but expect big things!