This month we have decided to erase everything we had or were working on and remove it, We felt as if Rusted gaming needed a fresh start after working on the same servers for 2 years things can get a little cluttered up and we decided to do a complete reset of our servers. As of 4/25/18 we have our Rust server and our Sandbox server back up and running. We are currently working on a DarkRP server as well as setting up a soon to come Discord server. We have big plans and ideas for our community as soon as things start kicking off but the work comes first. we hope you guys are excited about the future of Rusted gaming as much as we are and are enjoying being a part of our community.

Also, we are looking for staff that is willing to put the time and effort in to help make this community great. This does not mean just to moderate servers but to also come up with suggestions, help develop and be involved in the projects.