Today I decided to really put some work into our Rust server since it has so far been our most successful server based on active players. After 11 hours of straight work, the end result is outstanding. I added Lock-On Rockets and Plane Crashes to the server, This allows for an alternative to just airdrops to get some awesome loot but since this method drops 3 supply drops you must fight off a few scientists before you can claim your prize. To get a Lock-On Rocket you can either find them in loot or craft one by having 1x rocket and 3x Tech trash and typing “/craft.lockon” in chat I also added cars to the map adding a method of getting around the map besides just by a horse. speaking of, I also made horses much easier to tame via “/stophorse”. Before it was near impossible to do this unless the horse was stuck of a rock or something. Now if you get just close enough to enter the command before it runs away you should be able to tame your new ride! The gather rates are finally fixed properly and everything should be balanced out to make the game fun. But besides all this, the greatest changes were put into the loot tables. I completely started from scratch and created a new loot table consisting of 3,600 lines (lol). This new loot table is fully updated with all the new items rust has released and I plan to keep it updated as they release new items. This new loot system is truly great and makes the server much more enjoyable.



    August 2, 2018

    your server lags, I normally keep 200 fps’s but was lagging so hard when I visited your server that I had to reboot my entire system just to leave your server. but I think your lustymap plugin is causing lag with the images its generating within the server files resulting in lag, they do have cleaner plugins to eliminate the files no longer needed by the servers. cfg’s

    • HooniganGaming2

      August 2, 2018

      I’m sorry to see that you are having these issues, I’m attempting to look into this issue right now but I am out of town currently on a cheaper laptop. I have never had an issue with this plugin causing client-side lag but if it is I will have to remove it until I can look into the issue further.

    • HooniganGaming3

      August 2, 2018

      This issue has been fixed

  • DeathHydra4

    November 11, 2018


    Why are the STACK of Syringes and Medkit in the X2 server so limited?

    Es posible los puedan cambiar a 10 jeringas y 10 Medkits?

    Why the forum suggestions are blocked?