Hello, Today we have some great news for the community. Let’s start off with the obvious changes which is the website. It has had a major overhaul and has been rebuilt from scratch. We thought that our old website was too cluttered and un-appealing so this time we have tried to make it simple, clean and user-friendly. We also added the option for you to log in using your Steam or Twitch profiles. This makes registering on our site much easier for new community members. We also found a much better solution for showing our servers on our website which I highly suggest you go check out. You can now view all of our servers, Join our servers and see a lot of valuable server information such as online status, current players and more! We are pretty excited about this feature as we have been wanting to do this for a long time now but did not have the time to execute the idea.

We have also added a new server to our collection that we have worked on for some time now and has been a learning experience. We’re happy to announce that Rusted Gaming now hosts ArmA III Servers. Last week we released our brand new server which was announced on our twitter. The server we have created is basically a flight simulator game mode for ArmA. You can spawn in one of our seven airports including an aircraft carrier and choose from over 150 jets and helicopters. after that, you can enjoy the beautiful world of Altis and just have fun. There will be a video above that you can check out for a better idea of what exactly the server is since this type of server is new to ArmA.

Also, you can expect more news updates and no more monthly news updates. I feel like it would be better to make more frequent and shorter updates than long monthly updates so that you guys are up to date when things happen sooner and not a month later.


Hope you enjoyed the updates and additions and feel free to give us some feedback below, Thanks!