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November 19, 2017

Community Update [11/18/17] No More Garry’s Mod

Hello and welcome to this months update, We have some news that for some of you may be a little saddening but we hope for most these updates will be great news to you! So to get started, We have decided to completely drop the “Garry’s Mod project” due to the failure in server population and the community not showing support or interest in the servers. Because we dropped this project it has opened up tons of time to further our progress on our rust servers. So we have added three additional Rust servers which are all different in their own way. We are still hosting our original levels server along with a full vanilla server a 3x rate server and a 5x server totaling four different servers! A timeline system will be added to the site very soon similar to how Facepunch publishes their updates and notes. This will allow us to post all small fixes and tweaks in one place! These changelogs will be wiped monthly for now until we can find a better system that can store our logs per month in another tab.


Our rust server has had many updates, too many to list here in fact so we are just going to post the major updates today. This is why the timeline system is going to help a lot with keeping you up to date with what we are doing! We have done some tweaking to our gather rates on our levels server to make the server slightly more challenging by reducing the starting rate a bit and we dramatically reduced the rate for all skinning of animals to bring the struggle up for keeping your character fat and full. We also increased the amount of ore you get from pickups to 482 per entity but reduced hemp, corn and so on to vanilla rates to bring the need to farm back into the game. These changes should overall add a better experience to our servers and the game. We have also changed our hostname layout for our servers to be more descriptive and eye-catching, You can now better find our servers listed like this example “[US] Rusted Gaming [5x] Clans|Cars|Kits|Tp – Wiped 11/16” We believe this is a much cleaner and professional approach. We have also changed back our servers to the Dallas Texas location which will give our players a much better overall ping from the west coast to east coast as we used to be located in a New York location. This move was also a major upgrade and we are easily capable of adding more servers or slots as the existing servers grow. We have also completely fixed the loot issue of hemp, glue, sticks and such items from spawning in barrels and containers and we have spent a couple of hours tweaking the loot system to perfection making it a nice fair balance!


This is all the updates that we are going to put in this newsletter but there is much more that could be listed. We hope you enjoyed these updates and please leave some feedback below to let us know what you think! we thank you for being a part of rusted gaming and hope you have a great Sunday!