Weekly Update 5/15/17


Most of the progress made this week was finishing the website, we spent a lot of time improving and tweaking the website to make it the best it can be.

here is a brief summary of what was updated on the website this week!

  1. Forums are setup and made a few important post’s.
  2. added server join buttons to the header so its as easy as click and play!
  3. Added shop (I need to add the vip ranks in game before we can accept donator’s)
  4. tweaked the color scheme a lot on the site to make it all blend together.
  5. added “Apply” page for staff applications

There is a TON of other small items that just needed to be fixed or edited thats just not worth listing.

We hope you are happy with the new website as we are and if you find an issue please feel free to let us know on the “suggestions” thread on the forums.


Our Sandbox server was worked on a bit putting it in a very fun and playable state, we solved the minor lua error and also noticed the server

was out of date which was causing performance and stability issues. before I updated the server I was not able to spawn a car without losing connection,

Now i can spam a Bugatti as much as I want before I hit the vehicle limit.

Pointshop 2 was added to the server but the shop is not currently setup, you can still collect points for the shop and spend them when the shop is setup.

We also ran across a issue that has now been fixed, Our APG (Anti Prop Grieving) system was not working due to the plugin being out of date.

Overall the sandbox server is 100% again and has been tested by our staff and me for about 3-4 hours with 0 issues.

Make sure you go check out the best sandbox server on the list by clicking “Join Sandbox” button on the homepage header.


There was also a lot of time spent working on the DarkRP server this week, we also beta tested the server for about an hour finding a good bit of issues that needed attention such as there was not a inventory addon installed and you couldn’t sit on bar stools etc.

Keep in mind this server is not released yet and is still being worked on regularly so these issues and bugs are normal.

Below is a list of progress that was made on the DarkRP server this week.

  1. Added inventory plugin
  2. Added bank and ATM’s
  3. Added Tow Truck Driver job
  4. Installed Pointshop 2

There is a lot more that was added and some very exciting stuff but why spoil it for you? just know that this server will go to the top and you won’t be let down!

We hope you enjoyed this weeks news and if you have any questions or concerns please let us know on our forums, Thanks!

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