New Website New Servers = MORE FUN!

Before we get into the weekly news we would like to welcome you to the latest and greatest community coming to garry’s mod.


Now for the news 😉


we worked very hard this week to get a couple of servers online and in a playable state for our members to enjoy while we continue to work on other servers. those servers are a Cinema server and a Sandbox server, the cinema server so far is a very successful and fun server running the theatron map and we added a jukebox to the lobby for you to queue a song for you and your friends to listen to. we also added the popcorn SWEP and pointshop 2 addons. the pointshop 2 addon allows you to earn points  for playing on the server, you can use these points to purchase playermodels, trails, pets and more! this so far is a very unique server with features that most other servers do not have and we are glad to bring it to you here at Rusted Gaming.


As for the Sandbox server we have completely finished it besides a couple minor console lua errors and what a beast it is, this server is outstanding and dominates any other sandbox server we have joined. the sandbox server has a wide selection of playermodels along with pointshop 2 so you can some things new users dont have and be the cool kid :). We also added APG (Anti Prop Griefing) this addon allows other players to not be able to disrupt your builds as well as keeping the server safe by not allowing players to lag the server with prop spam. We also have a Builder/PvP mode that you can access using “F6” or by typing “!build” this allows you to be in full god mode in Build mode and no god mode in PvP mode, Build mode also restricts you from having weapons. Both vcmod addons were installed and configured so you can all have your little flashey lights. there are a ton of other features that were added that we just cant list such as jukebox, airplanes, tdmcars etc. just go check it out yourself!

this week we got a solid start on 3 other servers consisting of the following:

  • DarkRp
  • JailBreak
  • PropHunt

At the moment we are focusing most of our time into the DarkRp server as it is most requested. and the other 2 servers are moving along just as well as the DarkRP server!

We hope that you liked all the information above and if you have any questions please contact us on our forums or in teamspeak!

Happy Gaming!

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